Hadfield, the first Canadian to command the ISS, grew up on a farm in rural Ontario and was the Keynote speaker at the March Classic. Our team was tasked with promoting the book signing, leveraging Hadfield's notoriety he gained covering David Bowie's "Space Oddity" while stationed on the ISS.​​​​​​​

The promotion of the event came to life through direct mail to Dow's customers, targeted digital ads, trade show signage and a bookmark that came with an autographed copy of Hadfield's book. We used Hadfield's iconic moustache to encourage readers to share pictures of themselves at the event using the #ClassicHadfield.

A moustache can tell you a lot about a man. When properly administered, it can say, “this man has commanded spacecraft”, “this man escorted Soviet bombers out of Canadian airspace”, or “this man lived in a research vessel at the bottom of the ocean.” These can be tall orders to live up to – having a moustache is a big responsibility.


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